Remove the Machines – fast push to get our ballots counted by hand! Deadline: Feb 6 Go! Go! Go!

For the past week, members from our CPofNH’s election integrity committee have been hitting the streets all around the state to gather up signatures from fellow voters for warrant articles that would get an important question on the ballot for the upcoming March 12 elections. That question is “Should our town use machines to count our ballots?”

Many people have huge issues with the fact that we have very expensive and programmable machines counting our ballots at the end of our voting day. Our New Hampshire Constitution actually says we should not use those machines past a trial phase. It has been a long time, and we are ready to box those machines up and send them off to be recycled.

Friday, January 26 our 1st Vice Chair, Kristen Jackson was on Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech for a short interview to explain how Constitution Party definitely supports this movement and looked forward to getting rid of the unconstitutional machines in New Hampshire.

This quick moving campaign is coming to an end soon. All signed copies of the warrant articles need to be turned into your town clerk by Tuesday. So, if you’re a voter on one of  the listed towns and you would like to join us, please print out a PDF form (or more if you can get a few friends or coworkers to join in!), fill it out, send a pic of your filled out paper to, then get it to your town clerk before they close on Tuesday February 6, 2024. And of course please let us know you participated and we will celebrate with you!

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