April 2024 Newsletter

Three weeks and Counting!!

The National Presidential Nominating Convention and Committee Meeting is coming up quickly! We have four representatives for the CPNH who will be attending & will be embarking on a road trip out to Salt Lake City ahead of the meetings. 

There will be platform, rules, and credentials committee meetings, as well as the choosing of our Presidential Candidate, National Executive Council and Regional Chair positions. We are thrilled to be able to represent the Granite State out west! Click here for more info

Did you know that we have a Rumble Account?We only have a few videos up at the moment, but we are going to be focusing more and more on getting content out to you all! Click here to see what has been uploaded so far & make sure to subscribe!

Constitution Party Nominees are checking in with New Hampshire for Q&A’s join us!
Last month, we welcomed Randall Terry, a frontrunner for the Constitution Party Presidential Candidate but we weren’t able to get a flyer up beforehand. Please give his website a look and send us any feedback! www.Terry2024.com 

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, April 9th.Thursday 6:15 pm – The Harsh Reality of a Convention of States – join us at the City-Wide Community Center (14 Canterbury Rd next to Keach Park) in Concord for an introduction to the argument regarding Article V. For those of you in Loudon, NH, we will also have info on how to opt out of the new Community Power program. This is a free event.
Thursday, April 11th at 7pm is our ONLY regular Zoom call for this month – as mentioned above, we will have Joel Skousen joining us to talk about his run for CP Presidential Candidate.
Saturday, April 13th from 11am to 2pm in Hampton (Lafayette and RT 74), we will be joining in with an “End the Fed” sign wave. No campaign gear allowed, and USA flags only.
Monday, April 15th at 7pm is the next Eastern Regional Zoom call. Click here and scroll down to “JOIN MEETING” to attend on the day of .HOMESCHOOLERS!!
April 18th -One of our members is organizing a trip to the Statehouse for a tour in the afternoon. If you are interested, please email contact@cpofnh.com for details.
*if you are in Merrimack or Hillsborough counties and interested in attending an informational meeting or regular in-person CP meetings, please reach out to secretary@cpofnh.com so we can set something up!
Candidates For Office: We do have a few members running for office this year! Though we are not able to facilitate seeking Ballot Access this year, we are running a slate for Party Designation. We will have nomination papers with us at events across NH, but you can also request to have them scanned and emailed to you – if you choose this method, you must print out the form and sign …all forms must be “wet ink” to count. If you’d like to be a signature gatherer in your area, let us know!
Want to support the Party?”Howard Phillips, founder of the Constitution Party, said:“We stand for what George Washington stood for: limiting the federal government to its delegated, enumerated functions, and restoring American jurisprudence to its biblical common-law foundations.”His vision was to build an alternative party based on the Founding Father’s timeless convictions. We have done that, and through sustaining donations, we continue to grow.In recent years, our party has been blessed with measurable and sustainable growth. That’s due in large part to a band of patriots who pledge their support on a regular basis. To run the “business” end of the party, a fixed income is necessary to balance the books. Monthly donations of just $10, $12, $20, or more is the lifeblood of our day-to-day work. Thanks to the Phillips Society members, for example, more than 40,000 pieces of promotional literature have been distributed.”Click here!
Changes coming soon to our shop!
Interested in   Homeschooling?  We fully support home education and    getting children out of government    schools. If you haven’t already, check    out our homeschool resource page at    www.cpofnh.com/homeschooling   Also check out this new pilot program in Brentwood, NH! Read more here
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