May 2023 Newsletter

51 days –

How the CP of NH got it’s start
On the evening of March 1st, 2023, during a regularly scheduled Zoom call, the question was raised… how serious were we? By the end of the call, New Hampshire officially had its five Interim State Officers.
The National Committee Meeting, where NH could become a State Affiliate, was to be held in St. Louis, MO just 7 weeks after that election.
The Officers met weekly, or in some cases more often, to get registered with the State, open a bank account, etc. After many revisions and a 13 hour in-person working session, Bylaws were finished. April 16th at the historic 1838 Hope in Christ Church in Chichester, the first State Conference took place.
This meeting included introductions, a rundown of the ground-up organization, a speech from the Eastern Regional Chair, Dave Kopacz, membership sign ups and voting. The Bylaws were accepted, and three National Committee members were elected.
The following week, the bank account was finalized, and we were officially off to St. Louis.
After a very warm welcome from the National Constitution Party, the CP of NH received a unanimous vote for affiliation, becoming the 26th state to do so.
The Wasted Vote Myth & The Party Going Forward
Is it a Wasted Vote?

How many times have we heard, or we ourselves said “If you vote third party, it’s a wasted vote.”, or, “It’s the lesser of two evils”? Until this past year, I was one of them. I said those words to others, trying to convince them of these statements.
My eyes have been opened, however, to the fact that “wasted” votes are only those that you cast to stop someone from getting elected. It’s not about who you want in office, it’s about who you don’t want… little by little weakening our morals and values to maintain a semblance of power. And is it legitimate power? Or is it all a farce? Giving us just enough hope to continue voting for the uniparty vs good, legitimate, non-establishment candidates who can right the ship… something to consider and think on as we make our way to 2024.
-Megan Schmitt, State Secretary
Going Forward…

Currently, the Party is working on several items: special events, a spring fundraiser, homeschooling info and resources, recruitment, readiness and preparedness, County Council organization, merchandise, ballot access, etc. Let us know where your interests and passions lie, and we will find a place for you to utilize your talents!
The National Committee Meeting included many excellent speakers such as Paul Venable, Heather Hobbs, Linda Rantz, Charlene Moore, Caleb Collier, Holly Jones and more, plus Keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Malone who spoke about 5th generation warfare.
Some of the topics from the National Committee Meeting we are keeping in mind for future activities: Border security (, Church and State (, Election Integrity (
Who we are…

We are your family, your neighbors, and your friends. We come from almost every walk of life. We love our God, our families, and our country. We seek to live in peace with all around us.
We want to live honestly, uprightly, and legally before all people and to make of our lives what we can using our own hands. We ask for nothing but to be left alone and to our own conscience.
We never wanted this political fight we are now faced with. The two major political parties have abandoned us. And now special interest groups and the government are coming for our kids. The entire world has gone mad- And we have had enough!

We the People of the State of New Hampshire are done with being political pawns in the Democrat and Republican controlled game. We form this new political party for mutual defense of our God-given and Constitutional rights, and for the purpose of restoring the Republic founded by the 1st Continental Congress.
It is to this purpose that we mutually pledge our bond before God and man. If you are of like mind, join us in this important work.

-Donald Walker, Constitution Party member, and Veteran
Want to become a member?

Anyone is welcome to join our meetings, but only Dues-paying members will be allowed to vote, have a leadership role, or serve on Committees.
Dues are as follows: $15 for students and Veterans, $35 for an individual, $50 for a couple, or $100 for a Forefather’s Membership to include a gift box.
Dues can be paid by check and mailed to P.O. Box 3841, Concord NH 03302
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