June 2023 Newsletter

Memorial Day with the CP of NH
Monday, May 29th, the Interim State Officers, members of the Party, and some
volunteers all gathered to participate in the Concord Veteran’s Council
Memorial Day Parade. While the adults drove the float/handed out candy and
red, white and blue airplanes, the kids did an excellent job handing out 300
pinwheels to the children on the sidelines as well as around 500 business
cards. All the attendees had a wonderful time marching in the parade, meeting
new people and honoring our fallen. This was a great way to participate in the
community and spread the Party’s name and information.
What are we working on next??
While our biggest current project is recruitment, we have several committees
up and running to work on a multitude of projects. For example, we are working
on these general items:
-homeschool resources (currently on our website with more to come)
-prepping and readiness
-holiday events (like the Memorial Day Parade)
-Constitutional Governance
-National guests
…and much more!
Please join us at our weekly Zoom meetings by signing up at our website,
Ready to join??
If you are ready to #Makethe Break from the Uniparty and join the Constitution
Party, please tap on the button below to submit dues. Once received you will
be able to vote at our meetings and be eligible for leadership roles.
$15 for students with ID or Veterans
$35 for an individual
$50 for a married couple
$100 for a Foundation Membership which includes a special gift
and for a limited time
$300 for a lifetime membership
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