August 2023 Newsletter

Merrimack County in-person
meetings are up and running!
Thursday, July 20th, we held our first official county meeting here in the
Capitol city of Concord. Due to a few setbacks out of our control, we had to do
a last-minute venue change and wound up having a picnic on the steps of the
Statehouse! We were blessed with beautiful weather, good conversation, and a
few newcomers who brought great ideas into the Party!
The next meeting will be the last week of August, so if you might be interested
in joining us, please email to be put on our County specific text/email chain.
Keep up with updates and events on our facebook page!
In addition to the event listed above, the interim state officers have been hard
at work to link up with local events like a recent Agenda 2030 lecture and
upcoming Constitution Day Celebration, educating ourselves through biblical
citizenship classes, Constitution classes and coaching seminars, etc., as well
as discussing ballot access for the 2024 elections.
“If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any!”
The best thing we can do at the moment, while elections are still some time
away, is to educate ourselves and others. Read your Constitution, take some
classes, research your elected officials’ scorecards, and investigate any
discrepancies you find! They work for US and WE must keep them
If you are interested in helping us to keep track of upcoming bills in this
legislative session, testifying when an unconstitutional bill is brought forward,
supporting nullification, and/or running for office…. please contact us.
Together we WILL fight back and against the uniparty and restore our God
given rights by limiting the tyrannical governmental overreach we now
experience. Take a stand now, for future generations if not our own!
George Washington’s farewell address
If you have not yet listened to or read George Washington’s farewell address,
we highly encourage you to do so! It is inspiring, educating and humbling in the
very best way. Give it a listen while driving or folding laundry, etc.
Click here for a YouTube reading!
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