J6 – It Could Happen To You!

It’s Jan 6, 2023. Over 1,100 people have been arrested due to attending the J6 rally. There are OVER THREE HUNDRED people still in jail right now! More are on the list to be in the same situation.

So much happened on January 6 in DC that was unconstitutional that it only makes sense that the Constitution Party would stand with the political prisoners from this day. (The big question is – why aren’t ALL of the political parties doing the same? Once you ponder that and you decide that you do not want to support people that won’t support you back, consider Joining the Constitution Party today! 😉 )

We had a great day bringing attention to the J6 Awareness – for those out there who have somehow forgot. We had a rolling freedom rally with our patriotically decorated cars – drove to the beautiful golden domed capital building in Concord where we heard a very moving inspirational prayer and then went up the road a bit to get warm and enjoy some pizza and a movie. A nd not just any movie, but a fantastic documentary on J6 – where even some people who had attended that fateful J6 rally in DC learned new things that were presented. We highly recommend watching the documentary yourself if you couldn’t join us today. StopHate.com should be your go-to for J6 info. You can reach out to prisoners to write to them and keep their spirits up, you can find their givesendgo information, and they are also the ones responsible for releasing the new documentary with new footage that really makes sense of that very chaotic day. Please check out J6: A True Timeline (free documentary as of the time of this writing.)

Kirstyn – NH Patriot who is currently in jail
Support her: https://www.givesendgo.com/freekirstyn
Cindy – NH Patriot who is awaiting her trial.
Support her: https://www.givesendgo.com/ProtectingFreedom
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